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WAHL Colour Enhancer Shampoo

WAHL Colour Enhancer Shampoo

£6.50 GBP
An excellent product to bring out the natural colour and shine on all Show Horses, Ponies and Cobs. The colour enhancing elements will ensure a deep, healthy looking shine to any animal coat. This high concentrate formula shampoo is based on natural ingredients and is suitable for all animal hair types.

500 ml Bottle 15:1 Highly Concentrated makes up to 7.5 litres Diluted. Professional Formula.

DIAMOND WHITE  - Grey, White, Light Cream, Cremello 

COPPER TONES -  Palomino, Dun, Chestnut, Bay and Brown coats

DEEP BLACK- dark grey and black coats

DIRTY BEASTY - Any Colour - a ready to use natural based shampoo designed for use on dirty, thick or matted coats. It will ensure clean deodorised results every time, leaving your animal's coat fresh & healthy. Dirty Beastie is suitable for use with all animal hair types. 

Highly Recommended by top Show Professionals!
This Product Really Works!