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Quality English In Hand Show Bridle

Quality English In Hand Show Bridle

£75.00 GBP
100% Top Quality, Superb, Dark Havana, Show Bridle, Oval Brass Buckles, Raised Nose and Brow Bands.
This is a beautifully made Bridle. Brass Buckles are symmetrical to both sides, No over fancy stitching,
This Bridle is available in the tiniest size I have ever seen (Shetland) suitable for a young Sec As, Bs and Part Breds or Pony, Cob & Full sizes for Mature As Cs and Ds
Photographed here as it comes and with extras (sold separately), these are the Brass Ring nylon bit (£7.50) also and Brass cheeked Mullen mouth Bit (£45)  - found in 'Bits, Chains & Couplings'. The Ring front brow band (£30) Dragon Rosettes (£24) - Found in 'Brass Brow bands and Rosettes'.