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1994/5 Stud Tour 55+ Welsh Cob Ds

1994/5 Stud Tour 55+ Welsh Cob Ds

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WELSH COBS : STUD TOUR 1994-5 Double DVDs!

This is a Film made in 1994/5 by Neville Jones of Conygar Welsh Cobs, Herefordshire, who has kindly given consent for this to be available on two DVDs.
Total running time is approximately 1hr 25 mins. 

Neville Jones visited Studs in Mid Wales, Welsh/English Borders, the Midlands and across to Cambridgeshire, specifically to record the Older Welsh Cobs, now a part of history.
The Studs & Cobs featured are:

Nescliffe Rainbow, Regency Sungleam, Caereirios Cariad, Cascob Secret, Maylord Mattie, Cwmcoy Princess Ann, Glanvyrnwy Arianwen, Glanvyrwnwy Golden Girl.

Cascob Siani Goch, Nesscliffe Dallas, Cascob Black Lace.

Sadly when this was filmed on Video no sound was recorded at the beginning of the visit to Parc Stud and the stunning footage of Sam Morgan and Parc Welsh Flyer has no sound, it was considered that the film was worth keeping despite this unfortunate situation.
Parc Welsh Flyer, Parc Mares + youngstock, Parc Sir Ivor with mares, (no sound).
 Parc Reveller, Parc Matador, Parc Rosalin, Parc Alice, Cathedine Margaret.

Tardebigge Empress, Floreat Dawn Tredder, Pantcynghorian Eirlys, Tardebigge Emma, Tardebigge Mattie, Tardebigge Easter Lily, Tardebigge Esme, Tardebigge Esther, Wenallt Dawn, Tardebigge Elegant Lady, 
Nebo More Magic.

Horeb Harry Parry, Ebbw Rainbow, Kindale Princess White Socks, Thorneyside Gladiator, Thorneyside Mona Lisa, Ffoslas Dilys, Tyrcornel Enfys, Paith Rose Blossom, Gornoeth Morwenna.

Calerux Magic, Calerux Black lady, Calerux Saphire, Calerux Teleri, Paddock Sian, Liddle Arietta, Calerux Welsh Princess, Calerux Pearl, Calerux Telynores, Calerux Diamante, Calerux Magic's Pride, Trevallion Rosebud, Trevallion Roxanne, Calerux Telstar.
Stock bred from Derwen Telynor, Llwynog y Garth and Hendy Brenin feature.
Copyright Neville Jones Conygar 1995
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